Waldorf Hotel Cafe

Waldorf Hotel Cafe
Waldorf Hotel Cafe--Designed by Scott Cohen--Built by Funhouse/PGC

Monday, October 14, 2013

Filling the Void

Solid and fir veneer with walnut inlays

Over the course of the summer I sold off the majority of my furniture. It just didn’t fit in my semi-new apartment. I knew that if I held onto it I wouldn’t be motivated to build pieces that worked in the space. Because of that my small home has been particularly barren and monastic. I’ve had this high desk half built in my shop for months. It’d been gathering dust (literally) in a corner feeling neglected calling out to me. Pleading with me to take the time to finish it and take it home. This weekend I acknowledged those pleas. 

In use after some redecoration


  1. Quaint.Creative.Cozy.Practical.
    How great ! Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Tabitha! It seems happy to be out of the shop and in its new home.

    2. Striking....and visually uncomplicated. More detail pics please.

    3. I'll post more detailed pictures on my portfolio site in a couple days-- http://www.behance.net/funhousedesign